TURKISH missiles struck two cars in the Yazidi town of Shengal in northern Iraq on 21 Jan 2022.

Ezidikhan to Turkey, PKK, KRG: “Get out!”

by Patrick Harriganon January 23, 2022
Ezidikhan today warned Turkey, Iran and the PKK to leave Ezidikhan to govern itself in accordance within the Iraqi constitution.
Turkish drone strike

Turkish drones strike Shingal

by Patrick Harriganon January 22, 2022
Turkish missiles struck two cars in the Yazidi town of Shingal today.

Ezidikhan calls for environmental safeguards

by Patrick Harriganon January 16, 2022
Ezidikhan Minister of Justice Nallein Sowilo today delivered an impassioned plea for nations and states to heed the example of Indigenous nations in safeguarding the earth and its resources.

Devastation after fire destroys 400 tents at Sharia camp on 4 June 2021.

Massive fire leaves 150 IDP families homeless

by Patrick Harriganon June 7, 2021
150 tents burned down in the Sharia camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Duhok province on Friday when a fire broke out.

Ezidikhan endorses Michael Newton to head UNITAD

by Patrick Harriganon March 29, 2021
Ezidikhan supports the appointment of Mike Newton as the new head of UNITAD.
Women of Kocho whose fathers, brothers or husbands were killed. The woman with her hand in the air is Khatoon Ahmed al Jaso, daughter of the Mandkany tribal leader killed Aug 15, 2014 in Kocho.

Iraq passes Yezidi Female Survivors Law

by Patrick Harriganon March 4, 2021
Yazidi Female Survivors Law was first introduced to the Iraqi parliament in 2019. It was modified by recommendations of a committee and voted into law in Baghdad, Iraq, on March 2, 2021.

Return of Kocho victims of Daesh

Yezidis Bury Kocho Genocide Victims

by Patrick Harriganon February 7, 2021
Displaced Yezidi survivors today buried the remains of their loved ones who were brutally massacred on August 15, 2014, by Da'esh (aka, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant/ISIL/ISIS) in Kocho.
Ezidikhan national flag

New Flags for Ezidikhan, Spiritual Council

by Patrick Harriganon December 25, 2020
Ezidikhan and the Yezidi Spiritual Council adopt new flags in 2020
Delegates gather in Shingal in August 2020 to create the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Middle East Alliance

Ezidikhan Justice Minister interview: “Indigenous people are our natural allies”

by Patrick Harriganon October 27, 2020
Ms. Nallein Sowilo, one of the principal co-founders of the Provisional Government of Ezidikhan and its first Minister of Justice, carries on her slight shoulders the heavy burden of somehow achieving peace with justice for the people of her ancient Yezidi nation, who remain traumatized and scattered by the 2014 assault by ISIS. Six years of ceaseless toil and negotiations, however, have at last begun to bear fruit.

Present day Ezidkhan, the Yezidi Nation

PM: Erbil-Baghdad deal robs Yezidi self-determination

by Patrick Harriganon October 12, 2020
[Shingal, Ezidikhan. 11 October 2020] The Office of the Prime Minister of Ezidikhan, Barjis Soso Khalaf, today issued a statement denouncing the 9 October deal reached between Baghdad and Erbil determining the future of Yezidis without the consent of Yezidis and without consulting with Yezidi representatives of the Provisional Government of Ezidikhan.

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