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Flames ravaged croplands around Kocho.

Ezidikhan to investigate allegations of ISIS-KRG collusion

by Patrick Harriganon July 26, 2019
In a momentous decision, Ezidikhan’s Governing Council has unanimously adopted a resolution asserting Ezidikhan’s right to investigate alleged acts of genocide by regional militias including Kurdish forces as well as atrocities committed by Daesh extremists.
Sewa International and the Government of India collaborated with the Government of Ezidikhan to complete this large-bore water project for Shingal's 23,000 strong Siba Sheikh community.

Ezidikhan delivers a municipal water system to Siba Sheikh

by Patrick Harriganon July 9, 2019
The Government of Ezidikhan is beginning to deliver results of its visionary pledge to ‘Return and Rebuild’ with a new water well system installed at Siba Sheikh Kadir collective on the south side of Shingal mountain. With project funds provided by the Government of India to the Ezidikhan Government, the project broke ground in October 2018. The newly finished water system was inaugurated in January 2019 and now serves all 23,000 inhabitants of the sprawling Siba Sheikh Kadir collective.