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New Flags for Ezidikhan, Spiritual Council

by on 2020-12-25

Ezidikhan and the Yezidi Spiritual Council adopt new flags

[Shingal, Ezidikhan, Iraq. 25 December 2020] Ezidikhan has adopted a new national flag.

Ezidikhan national flag
Ezidikhan national flag
Baba Salem Daound, chairman of the Yezidi Council of Sheikhs
Baba Salem Daound, chairman of the Yezidi Council of Sheikhs

Baba Salem: “We have adopted a new flag that is suited for sheikhs to use as part of their secular role in governance that does not coincide with religious matters. It acknowledges the role of sheikhs as secular leaders.”

Baba Salem explains that the new flag was adopted for Ezidikhan government use only for Sheikhs not for other religious uses for sheikhs.

Flag of the Yezidi Spiritual Council

According to Baba Salem Daoud, “The symbolism of the color of the flags is as follows:

  • Red is symbolic for the bloodshed and genocide that the Yezidis have endured.
  • Black is symbolic for the darkness that the Yezidis have suffered throughout the years of being tortured by others.
  • White is symbolic for the pure heart that they have without judgment against others, regardless of color or race.
  • The Sun is symbolic for the universe.
  • There are seven sun rays; each is symbolic of one the Seven Archangels that we believe in.
  • The Peacock in the middle is symbolic for the King of the World.”