TURKISH missiles struck two cars in the Yazidi town of Shengal in northern Iraq on 21 Jan 2022.

Ezidikhan to Turkey, PKK, KRG: “Get out!”

by Patrick Harriganon 2022-01-23
Ezidikhan today warned Turkey, Iran and the PKK to leave Ezidikhan to govern itself in accordance within the Iraqi constitution.
Turkish drone strike

Turkish drones strike Shingal

by Patrick Harriganon 2022-01-22
Turkish missiles struck two cars in the Yazidi town of Shingal today.

Yezidis flee from Daesh Aug 3rd 2014

Yezidis: A History of Persecution

by Patrick Harriganon 2020-07-03
According to their oral history, Yezidis have suffered from 72 massacres prior to the 2014 genocide of Yezidis in Iraq. "Over the course of 700 years," according to the Yezidis International Organization, "nearly 23 million Yezidi people have been murdered, thus bringing their civilization to the brink of extinction."
Turkish airstrikes in the Shingal district, June 15, 2020. (Photo: Social Media)

Massive Turkish air strike follows threats against Ezidikhan

by Patrick Harriganon 2020-06-16
[MOUNT SHINGAL, Ezidikhan, Iraq. June 15] Turkish jets bombed 81 separate targets on Sunday, the biggest such Turkish operation since 2015. Dozens of US-made fighter jets, locally manufactured drones and mid-air refueling and airborne communication aircraft were deployed in “Operation Claw-Eagle”. Turkey conducted extensive airstrikes targeting more than thirty locations of the Sinjar Resistance Units, a […]

Batman’s Yazidi families have recently been exposed to several attacks by members of the Karabulut and Biter clans

Yezidi families in Turkey attacked again amid resettlement dispute

by Patrick Harriganon 2019-12-23
Yezidi families in Turkey's southeast have recently been exposed to several attacks by members of the Karabulut and Biter clans, to whom they had temporarily entrusted their lands in the 1990s before leaving for Europe. Although the Turkish courts have ordered these two clans to give the lands back to their rightful owners, the clans have been harassing the families to deter them from resettling in their lands.
A car burned down due to Turkish airstrikes in Khana Sor, in the Sinune sub-district of Shingal Nov.19th, 2019

Turkish aircraft attack YBS headquarters; 20 dead or injured

by Patrick Harriganon 2019-11-20
[Shingal, Ezidikhan, Iraq. 20 Nov, 2019] Turkish aircraft on Wednesday conducted an airstrike on the headquarters of the Sinjar Protection Units (YBS) in northern Iraq, leaving twenty militiamen killed and wounded according to the Iraqi military. A statement by the media office of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC) said the air strike was conducted […]

Turkish warplanes strike Yazidi militia base in Shingal on 2019-11-04

Turkish jets repeat attack on Yezidi villages

by Patrick Harriganon 2019-11-06
The Yezidi village of Bara was struck for the second time in two days on Tuesday evening, following another suspected Turkish airstrike in a nearby village the day before. Three people are believed to have been injured in the Tuesday offensive, according to Yezidi media outlet EzidiPress. No civilians were reported to have died.