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Delegates gather in Shingal in August 2020 to create the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Middle East Alliance

Ezidikhan Justice Minister interview: “Indigenous people are our natural allies”

by Patrick Harriganon 2020-10-27
Ms. Nallein Sowilo, one of the principal co-founders of the Provisional Government of Ezidikhan and its first Minister of Justice, carries on her slight shoulders the heavy burden of somehow achieving peace with justice for the people of her ancient Yezidi nation, who remain traumatized and scattered by the 2014 assault by ISIS. Six years of ceaseless toil and negotiations, however, have at last begun to bear fruit.

Alliance of Indigenous Nations: Winds of Change in the Middle East?

by Patrick Harriganon 2020-09-16
[Shingal, Ezidikhan – 16 September 2020] In a low-key affair here last month, a broad array of tribal nations and ethnic minorities agreed on a framework for a Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Middle East open to all indigenous nations of the Middle East.